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In the country side, water treatment before discharge into municipal sewers or surface water is an important factor within the agricultural and housing sectors. After all, there is often a lawful obligation to have a septictank, domestic waste water treatment plant (IBA), rainwater infiltration or recycling system installed.


When water is to be discharged into surface water, sophisticated high quality water purification systems, such as IBA’s class II, IIIA and IIIB can be applied to discharge waste water into surface water in accordance with European norms.


ESEP has extensive experience with such purification systems and infiltration after water treatment. After an initial assessment and capacity calculation a proposal with the most suitable solution to your situation will be made.


Furthermore, treatment and control of (waste) water by means of drain gutters, gate valves, non-return valves and pumping installations are possible.


The ESEP systems are characterized by their smart methods, which results in the right balance between performance, footprint and investment.


Feel free to contact us for more information and advice.

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An IBA class I is intended for the purification of domestic


The domestic waste water purification installation (IBA class II)


Sieve bends are applied whenever fairly coarse particles

waste water in areas where no higher degree of purification than class I is required.

is intended for the purification of domestic waste water in areas where no connection to the municipal sewers is available.

(bigger than 0,25 mm) need to be removed from a (waste) water flow.

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