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Carwash – Oplossing

Water treatment before discharging on municipal sewers or water recycling is a typical issue within the automotive and car wash sectors. Aside from the lawful obligation to place an oil separator in accordance with NEN-EN 858, water recycling or using osmosis water can be worth considering.


ESEP has extensive experience with systems for water treatment or recycling. Because of this we can calculate the right capacity for your specific installation. This is done in accordance with European standard NEN-EN 858, which means it will pass the requirements when tested by the authorities.


Through a combination of several different purification techniques, up to 95% of waste water can be reused. Drainage and control of (waste) water by using flow control, drain gutters and pumping installations are also possible.


The ESEP systems are characterized by their smart methods, which result in the right balance between performance, footprint and investment.


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