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An increasing number of cities, counties and road maintenance organisations use brine solutions to de-ice or reduce freezing temperatures on roads. For storing brine, ESEP offers customised solutions.


Product description

ESEP Environmental Technologies is specialised in development, design and production of environmental technologies. Using this knowledge we developed an innovative, fully automated brine storage system. This system consists of a concrete housing with a net storage volume of 30 m^3, internally provided with a durable 3 mm HDPE lining to protect the system, which ensures a long lasting liquid tightness. The installation is complemented with separate supply and filling pipes and a pumping installation and controller to manage this. The system is delivered as a whole.


The ESEP brine tanks can be delivered as a turnkey system, including controller and pumping installation. All materials used are selected to ensure durability, even with continuous contact with brine. The submerged pump, for instance, is provided with a special salt-proof coating and the internal and external pipings are fully made from durable HDPE. A special control system gives full insight in the tank levels and remaining storage capacity. Optical and acoustical signals indicate when a maximum level is reached, which ensures safety.

The system is custom made. Maintenance and installation are among the options. For more information, feel free to contact our sales department.

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