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Grease separators and sludge traps are widely used in areas where professional preparation of food takes place, e.g. hotels, restaurants, canteens, elderly centers, hospitels etc., or in companies where greases and oils of vegetable and animal origin may contaminate the water effluent, like in butcheries, soap and stearine factories, oil mills, margarine and vegetable oil factories or fast-food preparation plants.



KOMO certificate nr. K 12925

Product description

ESEP reinforced concrete “integrated grease separator” for vegetable and animal fats, oils and greases, with integrated sludge trap, series KVI 4000. The grease separator can also be equipped with a grease layer thickness and/or high level warning system which alerts you when the oil separator has reached it’s storage capacity. The KOMO certified integrated grease separators are available in the standard capacities of 2, 4, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 litres/second. Separate grease and sludge separators are also available. The grease separator can also be equipped with an grease layer thickness and/or high level warning system which alerts you when the oil separator has reached its storage capacity.

The concrete cover either comes preassembled watertight to the basin, so that it is delivered as a whole, or it can be set by means of a liquid-tight rubber gasket.


Provided with internal HDPE lining, tested by KIWA-TNO on chemical resistance in accordance with NEN-EN 1825 – BRL 5252. Performance and hydraulic operation tested in accordance with NEN-EN 1825 – BRL 5252, concrete quality KOMO certificate NEN-EN 206-1 and NEN-EN 8005, minimal C35/45, environmental classification XA3. Manhole cover cast iron-concrete combination according to NEN-EN 124 class B 125 kN or class D 400 kN wheel pressure.



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