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The domestic waste water purification system (IBA class II) is intended for the purification of waste water wherever a connection to municipal sewers is not available. In case no higher degree of purification than class II is required, the waste water may, after treatment, be led to surface water.




Product description

ESEP reinforced concrete “domestic waste water purification system”. Supplied with presedimentation compartment, bioreactor with time interval controlled aeration and postsedimentation compartment. Only the domestic waste water outlets can be connected to the installation. Standard type only suited for pedestrian traffic.


Constructed and designed in accordance with European norm NEN-EN 12566-3. Concrete quality in accordance with NEN-EN 206-1 and NEN 8005, minimum C35/45 environmental classification XC2. CE certified.


Degree of purification:
BOD < 25 mg/l O2
COD < 125 mg/l O2
Small particles < 30 mg/l


Optional: In case of traffic loads, heavier concrete cover 125 kN with a manhole cover, made with cast iron in accordance with NEN-EN 124 class B 125 kN, or cast iron-concrete combination class D 400 kN wheel pressure.


Class IIIA and class IIIB purification systems available on request, in case an even higher degree of purification is required, for instance when dealing with vulnerable nature areas.


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