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Reinforced concrete multifunctional pit. Can be used as a control pit, measuring pit, pumping station, relaxation pit, etc. Checks/sampling pits are often required to be placed behind an oil or grease separator due to any check on the effluent. They can also serve as an inspection option in sewerage systems.



Product description

ESEP reinforced concrete pit, series P 20000 and PP 20000, and “control/sampling pit”, series K 20000 and KK 20000. Series PP 20000 is equipped with concrete deck slab. Manhole cover cast iron lid according to NEN-EN 124 class B 125 kN or cast iron-concrete combination class D 400 kN wheel pressure.
The check/sampling pits can be carried out with various connection diameters so that they can be fitted behind all types of separators. Using standard attachments available in various heights, it is very easy to adjust the lid at ground level so that a perfect connection behind the separator can be achieved.


Concrete quality in accordance with NEN-EN 206- 1 and NEN 8005, at least B45 environmental class XA3. Wall thickness series P 20000 and PP 20000 at least 100 mm. Optionally also with cutting ends. Multiple connections possible at any desired position.


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