Inspection chambers are widely used to enable inspection and maintenance on sewer systems.



Product description

ESEP HDPE inspection chamber, series IP 600 – 800 – 1000, suitable for underground placement. With round or flat bottom. All desired connection diameters can be attached at every requested height and angle. Standard hull diameters are 600, 800 and 1000 mm. Height to be determined. Chambers with a diameter of 800 and 1000 mm come with a conical part which narrows down to Ø 600 mm, making the top of the chamber universal. Accompanying shaft covers 125 kN or 400 kN available on demand.


Suited for underground placement. The position and angle of the connections and height of the chamber are fully customizable. Because of a narrowing to ∅ 600 mm the top of the chamber is universal. A cover with matching pressure plates and/or shaft covers of class B 125 kN or class D 400 kN is available on request.


Productsheets (NL)

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