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Water management is a typical issue within the design and maintenance of sewer systems and municipal water treatment systems. The combination of increasingly frequent and intensive storm events together with the rise of paved, impermeable surfaces will more and more often lead to flooding in the current sewer systems. Often the flooding is caused by overloaded sewer systems. Through better control of the water flows, the water level can be kept from exceeding the maximum drainage capacity of sewers, which in turn will prevent the majority of floodings.


ESEP offers an extensive program of vortex flow controls, flow limiters and non-return valves to regulate these (waste) water flows. These systems are designed for long term installation in sewer systems. With the use of these products, in both new and existing sewers, the excess water can be led to a part of the system where overflow can take place in a safe and controlled way.


A much used solution is the ESEP vortex flow control which limits waste water to a maximum capacity, without using moving parts, orifice plates or electricity. This product can also be used as a protection for water treatment systems to prevent the maximum supply capacity from being exceeded.


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The vortex flow control is perfectly suited as a flow limiter in overflow


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