ESEP CSO screen PAS for prevention of pollution from mixed sewer systems


The Challenge:

Characteristic of mixed sewers is the combination of rainwater and waste water (DWA). In heavy rain conditions, a safeguard will often activate to prevent flooding and waterlogging. However, this safeguard might cause untreated waste water to enter the environment which causes visible pollution and stench, especially in more densely populated areas.

The Solution:

ESEP offers a high-performance screen which prevents the pollution from entering the environment. The robust screen has a mesh size of 6 mm (other sizes available) that filters the larger pollution particles. The screen is continuously cleaned by a rotating extraction system, which is powered by a pump that makes sure that the separated particles stay well ahead of the screen in the sewer.


  • Efficient removal of pollution through innovative extraction system
  • Very durable screen because of minimal moments of contact during extraction
  • Drainage of pollution to municipal waste water treatments
  • Energy efficient installation which works only during overflow
  • Modular system which makes installation into existing systems simple
  • Easy to maintain