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The Company

With more than 30 years of in-house experience ESEP offers sophisticated solutions for the purification of wastewater and the control of water flows. We have been leaders in the field of separator technology for decades and we offer KOMO and CE certified oil, fat (grease), and sludge separators with internal HDPE lining. In addition, we deliver and develop a range of technologies for purifying water in accordance
with current regulations to make the water suitable for re-use or for drainage into the municipal sewers or surface water.


Our aim at ESEP is to be a reliable and flexible partner and to go beyond just delivering a product. What sets our company apart is our ability to provide the perfect solution and our flexibility. As a result of our extensive experience and our in-house development and production, we can offer customized solutions like no one else can.

Personal advice

An important aspect for the choice of the most suitable water purification method is the ability to determine the correct baseline situation. Depending on the specific situation, it is important to find a good balance between the desired result and the accompanying investment. Our professional and experienced team is always prepared to invest the time to find a fitting solution for your waste water problem. We view your “problem” as a challenge. If desired, we will accompany you to come observe and take inventory of the situation on site.

Water purification

Among other things, our product range includes a diverse range of filtering technologies that easily filter coarse and solid particles from large wastewater flows. Where a finer degree of filtering is required, we offer our tried and tested cyclone sand filtering technology or a range of other fine filtering technologies up to 10 microns.

Water management and flow control

The management and control of water flows plays a key role during the purification of waste water. ESEP offers complete pump installations in concrete or HDPE casing, including mounted pump installations. The ESEP Vortex Flow Control is a unique innovation with which water can be controlled without the use of electricity or moving parts, but solely on the basis of a physical principle.


ESEP has gained a reputation in many sectors of industry, for example:

Sustainable production and solutions

Characteristic of the products and solutions offered by ESEP is that maximum results can be achieved with relatively simple means. The strength of the solution often lies in its simplicity. For example, it is not necessary to apply chemicals for the optimal functionality of our products; this not only relieves the environment, but also results in a sustainable and durable solution. Our tried and tested Cyclone Vortex Flow Control functions without moving parts or the use of electricity; it is a sustainable solution that is entirely based on a physical principle.


We take great care in the development and manufacturing of our products, and as a result we deliver very high quality products. For example, our separators comply with the European NEN-EN 858 and NEN-EN 1825 standards and are also KOMO and/or CE certified where applicable. Our products are tested independently by KIWA and/or the LGA institute in Germany.

In addition, the products in our concrete factory are produced in accordance with the bouwstoffenbesluit (Dutch building materials resolution) and ESEP is recognised by Bodem+ in relation to the Besluit Bodemkwaliteit (Dutch soil quality resolution).

Digital information provision

ESEP Environmental Technologies offers detailed documentation in the form of our technical product sheets and the digital files available through our website.


Aside from that, we have a qualified drafting division at our disposal, which can support our solutions graphically. This offers great advantages in the whole course of the process. We can also supply Autocad files of our products for easy integration into your digital designs.


Furthermore, ESEP can be found in the Nederlandse Bouw Documentatie (NBD)  (Dutch Construction Documentation) and STABU bestek systematiek (specification text database).


For further information on our products, contact us.