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Penstock gates are widely used on surface water, sewers and other aggressive environments where a gate valve is needed.



Product description

ESEP penstock (sluice gate) used for surface water, sewers and other aggressive environments. Series ESA-R-O is fitted with a non-rising spindle. Slider and back plate are fabricated out of HDPE, frame and reinforcement bars AISI 316L. EPDM rubber seals in sliding plate and EDPM rubber seal between backplate and wall. The spindle is AISI 316 trapezoid right handed thread Li, pitch 4, 5 or 6 depending on the specific type. Maximal operating pressure 5 mWC. Controlled by T-key, cranked handle or electro motor.


A variety of sizes and special types are available by request.
The following types are among the possibilities: attachment with chemical anchors or impact anchors against a flat wall, on or between a pipe by means of one or two double connectors or against a flange.


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