Pumping installations are used when (waste) water needs to be drained or pumped to a higher elevation



Product description

ESEP prefabricated reinforced concrete “pump sump”, series P 1000, P 2000, P 1000S and PK 1000. Inlet and air vent fitted with flexible Forsheda connection for plastic pipings, pressurized PVC pipe and with electronics connection. Connections can be customized. Manhole cover cast iron lid in accordance with NEN-EN 124 class B 125 kN or cast iron-concrete combination class D 400 kN wheel pressure.
We can offer you the complete pumping installation, with one or more pump(s) with foot coupling, ball return valve, mounted pipings, floaters, guide beams and lifting chain. The system is easy to maintain without the need for people to descent into the well. The pump and floaters can all be lifted.


Concrete quality in accordance with NEN-EN 206-1 and NEN 8005, minimum C35/45 environmental classification XC2. Inlet and air vent fitted with Forsheda connection and with PVC pipe for electronics.  Position and type of connections customizable. Optional pipings fully made from HDPE. CE certified.
Manhole cover NEN-EN 124 class B 125 kN or class D 400 kN wheel pressure.
Optional: When high groundwater level, intensive traffic or deeper placement is present: Steel fibres in concrete composition, liquid tight connection between concrete well and cover, liquid tight finish on inside of well.


Product sheets

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