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ESEP Environmental technologies develops and produces its products with great care. This results in the very high quality of our products. Our separators for instance comply to the European norms NEN-EN 858 and NEN-EN 1825 and are, in the cases where this applies, KOMO certified. In addition, all our products are of course in compliance with the Dutch regulations and laws with regard to ground- and surface water. Our products are tested independently by KIWA and/or the LGA institute in Germany.

Overview of our Certifications

KOMO KIWA Certificate K2641/06 Oil separators

KOMO KIWA Certificate K12925/06 Grease separators

ESEP ISO 9001:2015 Certificate KIWA

ESEP Certificate Bouwstoffenbesluit KIWA

Ordination ESEP SenterNovem BRL 5251

Ordination ESEP SenterNovem BRL 5252

Ordination ESEP SenterNovem BRL 5070

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