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The vortex flow control is perfectly suited as a flow limiter in overflow basins, surge basins, combined and rainwater sewer systems, industrial waste and watercourses. Furthermore, the vortex flow control serves as a good flow limiter for separators and industrial water treatment.

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Product description

ESEP stainless steel removable vertical vortex flow control, series CE/V is a flow limiter. It is designed to limit the flow in overflow basins, surge basins and sewer systems (combined and rainwater) to a predefined, maximum drainage capacity. The ESEP vortex flow control consists of a durable, stainless steel (AISI 316) casing with no moving parts. At low flow rates, the vortex flow control allows the (waste) water to flow through unhindered. If the water flow increases this will eventually create a vortex with an air filled core. This vortex causes the flow to slow down, without physically altering the size of the opening, which establishes a predetermined maximal deposit. Available in several types depending on the situation.


ESEP vortex flow control is free of wear and works without moving parts. Because of the material (stainless steel AISI 316) the vortex flow control is free from corrosion and requires minimal maintenance. The required capacity can be determined precisely. The vertical vortex flow control comes with a separate attachment plate for mounting on flat walls. Because of this the vortex flow control can be easily removed for maintenance.


User and installation manual

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