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An IBA class I is intended for the purification of domestic waste water in areas where no higher degree of purification than class I is required. After this, the water may be led to the surface water. Discharging water without treatment is not allowed.



Product description

ESEP reinforced concrete prefabricated “septictank” intended for fecal matter, series S 9000 and SR 9000, and LDPE “septictank” series FS 9000. In- and outlet fitted with rubber connection for plastic pipings. Series S 9000 and SR 9000 equipped with concrete walls. Constructed and designed as IBA class I system, in accordance with the latest requirements from WVO-septictank regulation, no. RH 97/1665. IBA class I septictanks are available for a household of up to 70 people, depending on the version. Standard concrete septictanks are available with a storage volume of 2000 up to 20.000 litres. Class I septictanks and standard septictanks are also available in plastic.


Concrete deck with concrete manhole cover, not suited for traffic loads and limited pressure from ground covering, maximum 0,5 m. Optional, in case of traffic loads, weighted concrete deck with cast iron manhole cover in accordance with NEN-EN 124 class B 125 kN or cast iron-concrete combination class D 400 kN wheel pressure.


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