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Sieve bends are applied whenever fairly coarse particles (bigger than 0,25 mm) need to be removed from a (waste) water flow. They are widely used in mushroom farms, composting companies, fish- and meat processing industries and as initial purifier in industrial treatment plants.



Product description

ESEP static stainless steel sieve bend. Material stainless steel AISI 304. Mesh size of the sieve is variable from 100 to 3000 micron (to be determined). With an inspection and cleaning hatch on the back side. The sieve bend comes with an inlet with or without flange on the back or top and outlet with or without flange on the bottom or back. Can be equipped with a closing hatch with gas springs.
Optionally the sieve bend can be equipped with vibrational motors, spray- and/or brushing installation depending on the application.
The sieve bends come in a variety of sizes, depending on the desired capacity.


Mesh size of the sieve is variable from 100 to 3000 micron. Very durable stainless steel housing and filtration system. Inspection and cleaning hatch on the back side. Options: Drain container. Closing hatch with gas springs. Vibrational motors, larger throughputs, custom connections and positions can be implemented upon request.


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