Large scale oil separator delivery



Recently ESEP made a large scale delivery to one of the worlds leading oil companies. The delivery included 21 HDPE grease separators with a capacity of 4 litres per second, in accordance with the European norm NEN-EN 1825. Many gas stations are currently equipped with HDPE grease separators. This makes it possible for the food services in the gas stations to expand. This order is part of a large scale project to improve existing gas stations and their facilities and is the first of a series.

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The production location of ESEP in Weert, consisting of three production and storage halls, is equipped to produce large quantities of HDPE products, amongst other things. Aside from the production of the aforementioned grease separators this is alos where the internal HDPE resistant lining for KOMO separators is made, as well as custom HDPE products such as pumping wells and waste water storage tanks.

Because our production and development facilities are in house, custom adjustments and a fast delivery are made possible. For various oil and grease separators ESEP we can have them ready to be delivered in a maximum of 2 days!