ESEP participating in the Fieldlab Smartbase Water with Dutch ministry of Defense

Recently, ESEP  has been selected in the Fieldlab Smartbase Water to further develop its new line of portable vehicle wash and refueling containment pads for defense purposes. The Fieldlab Smartbase Water is an initiative of the Dutch Department of Defense to find innovative ways to save and recycle water up to 80% during international missions.


The liquid-tight containment pads are lightweight, modular and portable. In addition, they are made from durable and strong materials which give it a long life expectancy. All of this creates a complete system perfectly suited for any short-term or mobile base where vehicles are washed or refueled. The liquid-tight system prevents any ground of water contamination and the wash water can be recycled for washing or other purposes.


The wash water recovery system is made from durable HDPE, has no moving parts and uses no electricity. The wash & refueling containment pad is made from a durable, high-strength composite material. This material is 10 times stronger and 10 times lighter than concrete. Because of this, the system is compliant to loads of up to class E, 600 kN, while still being portable. Furthermore, the containment pad has a life expectancy of 30-70 years and a low CO2 footprint compared to steel or concrete.


These products will also be on display on the Future Force Conference, an international conference organised by the Netherlands ministry of defence.  It will be held in The Hague, the Netherlands, and the theme is: ‘From partnerships to ecosystems: combining our efforts for a more secure world’.


More information about our new products can be found here or in the folder.